Human Factors

Human Factors, regulatory compliance and the reality of optimisation of human performance: allow Completions to improve your efficiency while reducing Costs, Risks, and Liabilities of human factors in your enterprise.


Human Factors is about people in their working and living environments, and their relationship with equipment, procedures, and the environment. Just as importantly, it is about their relationships with other people…. Its two main objectives can be seen as safety and efficiency.’

– International Civil Aviation Organisation, Circular 227.

Human performance seems fairly straightforward, right? We do what we need to do to get it done, cope with what we have or what we know, it’s always been ok before. Fairly straight forward!

Is that true? … Current research reveals that up to 80% of all error relates directly to human factors, it impacts virtually every enterprise – leading to increased error and accident rates and, increased costs.

To help you optimise human performance while improving efficiencies and safety outcomes Completions can:

  • Identify and rectify systemic safety deficiencies before they contribute to accidents or serious incidents
  • Carry out human error analysis using quantitative and or qualitative methodology
  • Incident/accident safety investigation – human factors aspects
  • Develop and deliver
    • Human Factors or Non Technical skills education and training
    • Customise a Behavioral Marker system and train the trainer program
    • a specific Safety Management System

All this is specifically designed to reduce risk, and improve compliance while increasing efficiency of your organisation, systems and people!

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