Accident Investigation

Completions ICAM trained and vastly experienced professionals can assist organisations conduct external and internal investigations, accident investigation, incidents and near misses in the workplace. The investigations are outcome focussed to identify remedial actions that will prevent recurrence, reduce risk and improve safety performance.

Completions uses the latest data gathering and analysis tools during the course of the investigation. The centrepiece of the investigation is ICAM (Incident Cause Analysis Method). ICAM is an industrial safety initiative that draws on the work of the eminent organisational psychologist and human error expert Professor James Reason (University of Manchester, UK).

Completions aims to identify both local factors and failures within the broader organisation and productive system that contributed to the incident, such as communication, training, operating procedures, incompatible goals, change management, organisational culture and equipment. Through the analysis of this information, ICAM provides the ability to identify what really went wrong and to make recommendations on necessary remedial actions to reduce risk and build error-tolerant defences against future incidents.

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Our investigators incorporate best practice Human Factors and Risk Management principles.


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