About Us

Completions Pty Ltd is a newly formed company based in Australia concentrating on providing quality Human Factors and Safety Management solutions and training services to safety critical industries.

The founding directors, Bert Koens and Graeme Cleary, believe that a new level of service can be provided to the Australian market with a evidence based modern approach utilising innovative development and delivery.

Both Graeme and Bert have over 80 years of aviation and Rail industry knowledge and experience between them and have often been called upon for their expertise by the government, regulatory bodies  and private industry.

Mr Graeme Cleary



Graeme Cleary has over 40 years experience in the aviation industry, primarily focusing on safety in addition to regulatory and industrial affairs.

Commencing his career with Qantas Airways Ltd. in 1974 as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, progressing to a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and in 1984 was appointed as a Flight Engineer on the B747 with Qantas.

Graeme has a wealth of industrial and management experience, holding many executive positions such as:

  • Vice President and Safety and Technical Director of the Australian and International Pilots’ Association (AIPA),
  • International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA),
  • Director for the Australian Airline Pilots Association (AusALPA), and
  • Deputy Chairman of the IFALPA International Flight Engineers Committee.

In 2009 Graeme received a “Presidential Citation” from the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Association for contribution to aviation legislation, especially Flight Crew Licensing.

In 2010 Graeme was appointed to the Global cabin air quality executive (ASHRAE Committee USA, SSPC 161) and was part of the Australian Expert Panel on Aviation Air Quality (EPAAQ).He has also been involved in CASA Part 61,121,141.142 and MPL Regulative Reform Panels.

Mr Gysbert Koens


Gysbert (Bert) Koens specialises in  Human Factors, Safety Management and Fatigue Management Systems.

Bert joined Completions in 2015 transferring from Sydney Trains where his role as a Human Factors Professional required him to provide strategic capability on complex and critical human factor issues, this was after a 38-year career at Qantas Airways Ltd, where in the role of Senior Check Flight Engineer his responsibility was to train and assess aircrew.  In conjunction with these roles he was involved with the development, implementation and assessment of Human Factors, Safety Management and Fatigue Risk Management system components.

Since beginning his career with Qantas in 1973, he rapidly progressed through roles of ever-increasing responsibility in both engineering and operations leadership.

Bert is a graduate of University South Australia where he earned a Masters Degree HF & SMS (Uni SA), GradCert Aviation (UniSW), Adv Dip Sc (UniMel) and B1 747 Licence.