Human Factors Training

Human Factors Awareness (HFA)

This course conveys fundamental principles of human factors, which is the science and practice of understanding the fit between people, the environment and the systems they work with.

In this course, human-system fit is analysed from perceptual, cognitive, social, and organisational points of view. The course introduces key ideas underlying cognitive systems engineering, which views human-system fit as a complex adaptive system. During practical sessions, students review fundamental principles underlying human factors principles, and analyse and assess case studies.

This is a face-to-face two day introductory course (eLearning course under construction) designed to assist in the identification and optimisation of the factors that affect human performance in different kinds of complex safety-critical systems, such as road and rail transport centres, commercial aviation, aviation maintenance, aerospace, healthcare (medical, nursing, allied health), and emergency response centres.



Module 1    Introduction

Module 2    Human Behaviour

Module 3    Human Performance Limitations

Module 4    Sleep & Fatigue

Human Factor......Stress

Human Factor……Stress

Module 5    Understanding Error & Violation



Module 6    Communication

Module 7    Leadership and teamwork

Module 8    Situational Awareness

Module 9    Decision Making

Module 10   Safety Culture



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